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The name Work & Co. comes from the two things that depend on most in professional life: the Work you do and the organization you surround yourself with. Work & Co. is one of the fastest-developing businesses, with 270 people in their places of Work in New York, Portland, and Sao Paulo. Agency veterans established Work & co and quickly got well-known tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook on board.

One of the fastest-developing businesses, Work & Co., went from 0 to masses of people in only five years. This makes it now no longer sudden that they get noted by most of the top UX businesses now. One of the essential things Work & Co. promises: They put senior designers and senior engineers on every project. The organization has 14 partners. They emphasize that one in all of them personally runs every purchaser project.

With their present-day size, every partner has to supervise 20 people and at least 3 or 4 distinctive clients, making it excellent that they could stay as much as their unique promise.

Work & Co did their first and most well-known project redesigning the Virgin America website. The ambitious new interface received several awards and critical interest in the UX community. Unfortunately, that redesigned site no longer exists online anymore, so Virgin America experienced critical economic difficulties and got sold to Alaska Airlines.

Work & Co is a technology and design organization based in 2013. It is based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, with places of Work in Portland, Oregon, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. The organization designs and develops virtual services and products for corporations and non-profit organizations. Notable present-day and past clients include Acorns, Aesop, ALDO, Apple, Bottega Veneta, Claro, Disney, Globo, Google, Epic Games, Gatorade, Hippo, IKEA, Mailchimp, Mercedes-Benz, MTA, Nike, Planned Parenthood, T-Mobile, and Virgin America.

The organization specializes in 3 center disciplines to create virtual products from concept via launch. These consist of websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, AI tools, chatbots, physical-digital experiences, virtual kiosks, and employee tools.

Work & Co opened in May 2013, established by Gene Liebel, Felipe Memoria, Joe Stewart, Mohan Ramaswamy, and Marcelo Eduardo. In 2018, the organization opened a new workplace in Portland, Oregon.

In 2019, the UI UX design company increased its presence in Europe, commencing a workplace in Copenhagen across the same time IKEA named Work & Co their virtual product agency-of-record. Work & Co received Tendigi, a mobile app improvement organization, the same year. They received the data and analytics company, Acknowledge Digital, three months later.

In 2022, the organization opened extra places of Work in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia, taking the total number of workplaces throughout the globe from six to eight. Work & Co received a virtual product consultancy Presence in April, increasing the organization’s skills and expertise. Work & Co is thought for its collaborative method with clients and being-hands on, sharing operating prototypes throughout in place of unveiling completed Work.

Projects usually have small, senior groups, organization partners, and founders who’re hands-on, active participants in every project. Teams are devoted to 1 project at a time—casting off the need for timesheets conventional to most businesses. Members work cross-functionally throughout the design, product, engineering, and QA, with the energetic involvement of all stakeholders beginning at kickoff.

The organization operates with a single P&L to inspire company-wide collaboration. Often, new personnel is hired as suitable applicants are discovered, in preference to ready to satisfy the needs of upcoming tasks. The organization has been vocal about its stance on helping social movements associated with DACA and immigration, sanctuary cities, women’s health, climate change, and vote-casting rights.


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