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Fantasy was born in 1999 and has been producing unique artwork since then. They’ve been the brains behind some of the world’s largest corporations, with their clientele including Netflix and UFC. The Met, CAA, Master Class, and The Weather Channel, to name some. Their capacity to strike a chord with clients and produce fantastic artwork has made them a magnet for clients from various industries. They have their workplaces in San Francisco, London, New York, and Miami.

Predominant brands had sought out them ( from Twitter to Facebook and, since 1999, have picked up a fan following for their pioneering achievements and award-winning UX and UI. Receiving lots of candidates a year, the small, elite organization gets to choose their clients, deciding on them with a focal point on quality and initiatives, which might be the reason for pioneering, according to David Martin, their founder & CEO.

Most days, Fantasy has been blazing the paths with its famous – What if? – idea work that appears at fixing user experience issues in primary verticals from travel to healthcare. Major redesigns for USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Met Museum, and Balenciaga have long been a hallmark of their carrier offerings. However, most of these days, Fantasy has been carrying out product design for 23andMe, Twitter, Huawei, and Rokid. David Martin based Fantasy in 1999; however now no longer serves as CEO.

The organization won a reputation for the stunning UI design they always present. Their brand also has a powerful visible presence with a nearly too-professional taste. Fantasy won notoriety with its – What if? – videos of some industries after they reimagined digital products in a brand new, cutting-edge way. These early videos showcased their high-end visible design competencies and contained lively UI designs, as a substitute not unusual back then. Since its early days, Fantasy has grown into a much larger virtual organization. They now work with massive corporates like Porsche, USA Today, and Mitsubishi.

Fantasy is a human-targeted product innovation crew that ships top-class products and ecosystems for the sector’s most pioneering businesses. Fantasy employs about 50 people, down from some years in the past after they enjoyed even more popularity. They have offices in NY, San Francisco, & in London too. Standing in the back of their work and innovating has been the new business version since 1999. Their companions purposely are looking for them out to deliver flagship initiatives. From Netflix to Masterclass, Ford to Mitsubishi, UFC to The Oscars, LG to Samsung, Fantasy believes in exceptional partnerships and those who attempt to move past the ordinary. Fantasy works throughout platforms along with automotive, artificial intelligence, consoles, mobile running systems, and the internet. Clients consist of:

AI & Mobile OS: LG / Samsung / Palm / Huawei /Polaroid

Tech: Facebook / Google / Amazon / Indeed / Twitter

Ecom: Kohler / Mac / Harrods / Walmart

Environment: Academy of Motion Pictures / Lucas Film / Royal Caribbean / The Met Museum

Automotive & Mobility: Ford / GAC / Bell Flight / Mitsubishi / Mercedes /Tesla

Finance: Citi Group / Chase

Health: 23andMe / Abbott / Cambia / Equinox / Novartis / Pfizer

Media: CAA / Masterclass / Audible / Match / Spotify / Tatlier / Netflix / UFC / WME


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