WIZ.AI introduces TalkGPT, the first-ever ChatGPT-powered customer engagement solution for businesses

WIZ.AI introduces TalkGPT

WIZ.AI has introduced TalkGPT as the first generative AI-assisted omnichannel solution for customer engagement. WIZ.AI is an internationally recognized company that specializes in providing AI-based solutions for customer engagement.

TalkGPT’s main objective is to transform how industries interact with their customers. This is achieved by utilizing the extensive language model of ChatGPT and the localized knowledge of WIZ.AI, resulting in a seamless conversational experience across all channels.

TalkGPT is a fast and user-friendly solution that enables users to swiftly create, test, and deploy a ChatGPT-powered WIZ.AI Talkbot in as little as five minutes. The solution streamlines the campaign creation process, allowing users to implement campaigns with just a few clicks.

The automatic conversation generation feature of TalkGPT dynamically creates call conversations and WhatsApp messages. After generating the designed campaign communication, the solution is delivered through WIZ.AI Talkbot, the company’s flagship solution that mimics human agents in understanding and responding to customer inquiries.

These optimized customer engagements are backed by the proven best practices informed by the ChatGPT language model, delivering emotionally-attuned and persuasive messages. The outcome is a more engaging and satisfactory conversational experience for end users and customers.

TalkGPT can engage with one million customers in one hour

TalkGPT can potentially engage with a vast customer base of over one million in just one hour, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to grow on a large scale. This feature enables companies of all sizes to swiftly engage with their customers through multiple channels, leading to timely customer interactions and better returns on investment.

The self-service approach of TalkGPT to ideate, iterate, and implement customer engagement campaigns is instrumental in making this solution accessible to businesses of all types.

“The technologies used may evolve as we see today with ChatGPT, but ultimately we are still focused on the same mission: offering businesses innovative ways to engage with customers through AI, solutions that can enhance efficiency, drive growth, and deliver an elevated customer experience,” said Jennifer Zhang, CEO and co-founder of WIZ.AI. “Now everyone can be their own CMO. TalkGPT unlocks new content ideas and channels to reach their target customers.”

40% increased engagement; 5.3x higher cost efficiencies

There is a massive untapped market potential for solutions such as TalkGPT in Southeast Asia, where businesses actively search for more cost-effective and efficient ways to engage with their customers.

Several of WIZ.AI’s customers have already reported a 40% increase in engagement rates and a 5.3x higher cost efficiency with the flagship Talkbot solution. As a result, many of these businesses plan to deploy WIZ.AI products across other business units and develop further use cases.


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