Tim Cook reveals Apple’s vision for carbon-neutral products and climate responsibility

In a recent interview with Brut, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to questions about the company’s annual iPhone releases and its efforts to combat climate change. Cook discussed the need for constant innovation, Apple’s environmental goals, and his commitment to reducing the carbon footprint.

Do we really need a new iPhone every year?

Tim Cook defended the practice when asked about the necessity of releasing a new iPhone every year, stating, “I think having an iPhone every year for those who want it is great. And what we do is allow people to trade in their phones. And so we then resell that phone if it’s still working. And if it’s not working, we’ve got ways of disassembling it and taking the materials to make a new iPhone out of.”

The future of iPhones and environmental responsibility

The Apple CEO was also questioned about the future of iPhones in terms of innovation and technology’s role in saving the planet. He hinted at a carbon-neutral future for iPhones, saying, “I think it’ll be carbon neutral. Obviously, it will be way ahead of where it currently is, but I wouldn’t want to give you all of our secrets in that regard. I’ll just say from an environmental point of view, it’ll be carbon neutral.”

Addressing greenwashing concerns

Cook addressed concerns about greenwashing and using rare metals in Apple products, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainability. He pointed out tangible actions Apple has taken to reduce its environmental impact, such as incorporating 30% recycled material in Apple Watch and transitioning from air to sea transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Tim Cook stated, “Well, greenwashing is reprehensible. And what if you think about what we’re doing, we’re doing the work, and then saying what we’re doing and you’re standing in part of the work today? So there’s a real proof point. The fact that there’s 30% recycled material on the watch, that’s a proof point.”

“We took air transportation down dramatically to sea transportation on the transportation footprint. This is an action. We’re shrinking packaging so more of these will fit on one pallet. This is a key action. We’re eliminating plastics. All of these actions are actions we’ve taken, adding up to a carbon-neutral watch. And by 2030, all of our products would be carbon neutral.”

Tim Cook’s personal ecological efforts

On a personal level, Cook shared his ecological efforts, including driving an electric car, reducing plastic usage, recycling, composting, and striving to minimize his carbon footprint in every possible way.

“I do drive an electric car. I try to avoid plastics and plastic bottles. I recycle. I compost. All of these things I try to do, everything I do, I try my best to do something that has a lower carbon footprint,” Cook revealed.

Apple has set an ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 for all of its products and operations. Tim Cook’s interview highlights the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability while addressing concerns about its annual iPhone releases. As technology evolves, Apple appears committed to aligning innovation with ecological responsibility.


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