Tim Cook says Apple “strongly supports” American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Tim Cook says Apple "strongly supports" American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Apple chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook has backed the federal privacy plan and wants it implemented as “soon as possible.” In a letter to Congress, Tim Cook wrote that the data privacy act would provide “substantial protections” to consumers, and Apple offers its strong support.

“We recognize that there are outstanding issues to be resolved, but the areas of the agreement appear to far outweigh the differences. Your drafts would provide substantial protections for consumers, and we write to offer our strong support towards achieving this shared goal,” Cook said in the letter.

Dubbed as American Data Privacy and Protection Act, the bill is said to provide a standard on what kind of information companies can gather from Americans across the USA. The bill also puts a ban on pay-for-privacy and would also provide robust data security.

“We strongly urge you to advance comprehensive privacy legislation as soon as possible, and we stand ready to assist in this process in the days ahead,” Cook said.

Apple has always maintained that it is a privacy-focused company, and Cook has time and again stated in his speeches and tweets that “privacy is a fundamental human right.”

“Privacy is a fundamental right, and we build it into all products and services at Apple. You should be in control of your data— not the highest bidder,” Cook tweeted last month.

Media reports claim that Congress is considering a few versions of the data privacy bill.


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