Info-Tech Research Group unveils tech trends 2024: Navigating the evolving landscape of technology

In anticipation of the rapidly evolving technological landscape of 2024, Info-Tech Research Group, one of the leading global IT research and advisory firm, has officially launched its much-anticipated annual technology report, “Tech Trends 2024.” As we move further into an era of exponential technological advancement, IT leaders worldwide face the dual challenges of embracing transformative innovations and addressing the ethical considerations that accompany them.

Drawing from a comprehensive survey of IT leaders and experts, the 2024 report presents a comprehensive overview of six pivotal AI-centric trends, shedding light on the promises and complexities of an AI-integrated future.

“Our 2023 report highlighted generative AI as a trend that would impact every industry. Not only was that true, but the impact was tremendous and is still reverberating through society,” says Brian Jackson, principal research director and research lead for the 2024 Tech Trends report.

“In our Tech Trends 2024 report, we’re doing a deep dive into the generative enterprise and examining the full breadth of implications ahead of organizations due to generative AI’s disruptive effects. Technology leaders have significant opportunities to consider and seize, including creating new revenue-generating business models or optimizing existing operations. There are also severe risks to mitigate, ranging from new regulatory activity to protecting intellectual property.”

Surveying the IT Landscape: A Global Perspective

The “Tech Trends 2024” report is based on insights from Info-Tech Research Group’s recent “Future of IT” survey, incorporating data from 848 industry professionals with IT or IT management roles. This extensive dataset encompasses professionals’ perspectives from 15 countries across North and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Additionally, the analysis considers experts’ viewpoints across 16 industries, including government, professional services, manufacturing, education, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and retail.

Embracing Exponential IT

Info-Tech Research Group has recently introduced its Exponential IT Research Center, a strategic initiative unveiled at the “Info-Tech LIVE 2023” event held in Las Vegas in September. This innovative approach to IT aims to establish a culture where technology is not just a separate department but a central driving force capable of swiftly adopting new technologies, revisiting conventional methodologies, and reimagining traditional processes.

“Generative AI is a major inflection point in the era of exponential IT, and CIOs will need to come to grips with what it means for them if they expect to have a seat at the decision-making table,” says Jackson. “CIOs stand in the unique position of navigating the new relationship between the organization and AI, and it’s up to them to ensure it reaps more benefit than harm.”

Seize Opportunities

  1. AI-Driven Business Models: Commercialization of AI models is based on the accuracy of predictions. Organizations plan to use AI to drive strategic aspects of their business in 2024, with 66% expecting a positive impact.
  2. Autonomized Back Office: AI models are becoming adaptable and flexible, offering automation for a wide range of operational tasks. Around 47% of respondents are keen to adopt new generative AI features from major vendors.
  3. Spatial Computing: This trend promises to bridge the digital and physical worlds, offering natural interactions beyond traditional interfaces. AI adopters are 42% more interested in generative AI-based interfaces.

Mitigate Threats

  1. Responsible AI: Organizations are urged to adopt responsible AI frameworks to mitigate potential risks. One in three AI adopters believe CIOs will be responsible for AI governance.
  2. Security by Design: Integrating security measures from the outset is crucial in the AI era. Most organizations plan to increase their cybersecurity budget in 2024.
  3. Digital Sovereignty: Data ownership and control are paramount as generative AI technologies scrape the web for data. Organizations are setting up infrastructure and protections to safeguard their digital sovereignty.

As technology evolves rapidly, Info-Tech Research Group’s “Tech Trends 2024” report provides valuable insights for IT leaders, offering guidance for their digital strategy initiatives in the coming year. The report’s findings reflect broader market sentiments and are set to influence the strategies and decisions of CIOs and IT professionals in navigating the complex landscape of 2024.


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