Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google Under Legal Scrutiny for Alleged Data Scraping and Copyright Violations in AI Training

Tech giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google face legal challenges over unethical AI training practices. The companies are accused of unauthorized data scraping and collecting vast amounts of user-generated content without proper consent.

OpenAI and its financial supporter, Microsoft, face a legal dispute filed in Manhattan federal court. The lawsuit has been initiated by Nicholas Basbanes and Nicholas Gage, the authors renowned for their nonfiction contributions and journalism background. The authors alleged that their literary works were used to train ChatGPT without their consent.

Michael Richter, their lawyer, argued that it is unjust for big corporations to use creators’ content for AI training without paying compensation, particularly considering the substantial profits made by these tech companies.

This situation is similar to other lawsuits taken against tech firms. Notable writers like Sarah Silverman and George R.R. Martin have also sued, alleging the inappropriate use of their creative works in AI training.

Simultaneously, Google is grappling with its legal challenges. The Clarkson Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Google, its parent company Alphabet, and DeepMind, Google’s AI subsidiary.

Tech Giants Involved in Unauthorized Data Scraping

The lawsuit contends that Google engaged in unauthorized data scraping from millions of users, violating copyright laws. This issue is of particular significance due to Google’s recent revision of its privacy policy, explicitly mentioning the use of publicly accessible information for AI training.

Google argues that such practices are familiar and are integral to services like Bard. However, the lawsuit states that this approach might exploit private data, raising significant concerns about user privacy and potential breaches of copyright regulations.

The Clarkson Law Firm has bolstered its legal case by updating its lawsuit. They have introduced public plaintiffs, like Jill Leovy, a renowned best-selling author.

These added plaintiffs represent a broader group of individuals whom the alleged copyright infringements could impact.

Furthermore, the revised lawsuit now includes additional allegations asserting that Google violated other websites’ ownership and property rights through the unauthorized collection of user data.


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