Shutterstock expands partnership with OpenAI to revolutionize creative industry

In a major announcement, Shutterstock, the global creative platform, has revealed its extended collaboration with OpenAI, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence. Under a new six-year agreement, Shutterstock is poised to cement its position as the premier provider of top-notch training data for OpenAI models, ushering in transformative possibilities for brands, digital media, and marketing firms.

As part of this enhanced partnership, OpenAI has secured a license granting access to an extensive range of additional Shutterstock training data, encompassing the platform’s vast image, video, and music libraries, along with their associated metadata. Simultaneously, Shutterstock gains priority access to the latest advancements from OpenAI, allowing them to leverage the groundbreaking generative text-to-image capabilities of DALL-E directly within the platform.

Moreover, beyond text-to-image generation, this integration will enable Shutterstock customers to utilize synthetic editing features, empowering them to create fresh content and effortlessly modify and transform any image within the expansive Shutterstock library, significantly expediting the ideation and production process. Collaboratively, Shutterstock and OpenAI plan to introduce generative AI capabilities to mobile users through Shutterstock’s recently acquired GIPHY platform.

Shutterstock and OpenAI deal to propel transformative capabilities for brands, digital media, and marketing companies

“The renewal and significant expansion of our strategic partnership with OpenAI reinforces Shutterstock’s commitment to driving AI tech innovation and positions us as the data and distribution partner of choice for industry leaders in generative AI,” said Paul Hennessy, CEO of Shutterstock.

Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI, added, “We’re pleased to be able to license Shutterstock’s high-quality content library. This extended collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of our image models but also empowers brands, digital media, and marketing companies to unlock transformative possibilities in content creation and ideation. We look forward to bringing the next generation of generative AI capabilities to Shutterstock and GIPHY’s vast user base, further revolutionizing the way people express themselves through visual media.”

Shutterstock’s commitment to advancing AI in the creative sector

This expanded partnership represents the latest strategic move by Shutterstock in its role as a leading innovator spearheading AI advancements within the creative industry. Earlier this year, the company unveiled its AI Image Generator, a revolutionary tool powered by DALL-E that allows users to generate customized visuals instantly.

Shutterstock was also the pioneer in introducing the Contributor Fund, an initiative that has already compensated hundreds of thousands of artists for their contributions in training Shutterstock’s generative technology. Additionally, these artists receive ongoing royalties tied to the licensing activity of newly generated assets.

In addition to OpenAI, Shutterstock has collaborated with other industry leaders, such as NVIDIA, Meta, LG, and more, to develop essential generative AI tools and standards for creators across 3D, images and text. Renowned for its high-quality content library, Shutterstock boasts an unparalleled collection that is both extensive and diverse, complemented by comprehensive annotation and metadata. This comprehensive dataset makes Shutterstock the unrivaled leader in training AI capabilities.

Shutterstock’s status as a premier global creative platform

As one of the premier global creative platforms, Shutterstock offers high-quality content and full-service creative workflow solutions for transformative brands, digital media, and marketing companies. With its commitment to driving AI advancements and its partnerships with industry frontrunners, Shutterstock continues revolutionizing the creative landscape, empowering creators to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities.

Shutterstock is a global creative platform that provides high-quality content and full-service creative workflow solutions for leading brands, digital media, and marketing companies. Shutterstock is at the forefront of transforming the creative industry with its unrivaled content library and commitment to AI advancements.


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