OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expresses optimism on global AI collaboration

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, expressed his optimism about global coordination on artificial intelligence (AI) after a tour of several capital cities. Altman, who represents the AI startup backed by Microsoft, embarked on this whirlwind tour to leverage interest in generative AI and influence the regulation of this rapidly advancing technology.

Initially skeptical about the feasibility of achieving global cooperation in the short term to reduce existential risks associated with AI, Altman now finds himself “feeling quite optimistic” as the tour comes to a close. While addressing students in Tokyo, he shared his positive outlook on the prospects of achieving global consensus.

“I came to the trip … skeptical that it was going to be possible in the short term to get global cooperation to reduce existential risk, but I am now wrapping up the trip feeling quite optimistic we can get it done,” Sam Altman told students in Tokyo.

Sam Altman says AI conversations progressed quite well

Regulators worldwide are racing to adapt existing regulations and establish new guidelines to govern the use of generative AI. This technology, which can create text and images, has sparked excitement and concerns due to its potential to reshape various industries.

In this context, the European Union is moving forward with its draft AI Act, which is likely to become law this year. On the other hand, the United States seems inclined to modify existing laws to accommodate AI instead of creating entirely new legislation.

During his trip, Altman visited Japan in April and met with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. He also mentioned the possibility of opening an office in the country, stating that the conversations progressed positively, although he did not provide further details.

“All of the conversations have progressed quite well,” Altman said on Monday.

Altman’s itinerary includes upcoming visits to Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia before returning to the United States.


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