Persistent Systems partners with Google Cloud to launch cyber recovery solution

Persistent Systems partners with Google Cloud to launch cyber recovery solution

Persistent Systems, a global Digital Engineering provider, has launched a trailblazing solution that enables organizations to recover more quickly from cyber-attacks. In conjunction with Google Cloud, the Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR) solution offers a thorough and scalable cyber recovery method, enabling enterprises to reduce data loss and limit the detrimental effects of lengthy downtime on brand reputation.

The frequency and size of ransomware assaults are rising due to hackers. They employ sophisticated strategies that are constantly evolving, which makes recovering from attacks more difficult. These attacks may result in the release of private information, decline business, and harm a brand’s reputation. Organizations must increase their recovery procedures in addition to their focus on cyberattack defence.

Secure Recovery Environment

Customized recovery plans, Persistent IP for detecting and eliminating malware, and the optional managed services for managing the recovery process are all included in Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery. Google Cloud Backup and DR and Persistent’s solutions are integrated to offer a safe recovery environment and server image protection.

Nitha Puthran, Senior Vice President – Cloud, Infrastructure, and Security, Persistent, said: “The digital environment today is constantly evolving, and so are the risks associated with it. We are leveraging our strong relationship with Google Cloud and our product engineering expertise to create an industry-leading solution that allows enterprises to recover faster from cyber-attacks, thereby reducing the impact on their business.

“Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery combines strategic planning and the creation of playbooks, integration with Google Cloud services and our IP to find anomalies that indicate malware, remove the malware, and use automation to set up test and production environments to scale. It takes services and product mindset to create a solution like Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery, and Persistent is uniquely positioned in the market to deliver both.”

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace and ISV GTM Programs Google, said, “As cyber threats become more prevalent, customers need solutions that can help them quickly address and recover from cyber-attacks. With Persistent’s Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR) solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can quickly deploy PiCR to their Google Cloud environment and utilize it alongside Google Cloud technologies and capabilities to address cyber-attacks quickly and securely.”

Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction in data loss
  • Decreased risk of recurrent attacks through the removal of malware
  • Faster recovery from ransomware and zero-day attacks (from weeks/months to hours/days)
  • Potential cyber insurance cost reduction
  • Scalable solution depending on enterprise size challenges

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