Parag Agrawal’s AI Startup to Compete with ChatGPT, Bard

Parag Agrawal’s removal as Twitter CEO by Elon Musk, has shifted his focus to developing an AI startup. This new venture aims to challenge prominent AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard. Moreover, Agrawal has secured substantial funding for his startup from an early investor in OpenAI, amounting to $30 million.

Agrawal’s Vision for the Future

Having played a pivotal role in shaping Twitter’s technology infrastructure, Agrawal is now channeling his expertise and vision into AI with a fresh startup. The AI startup aims to develop advanced software for large language model creators and conversational AI systems, directly competing with ChatGPT and Bard.

$30 Million Funding Fuels Agrawal’s AI Startup

Agarwal has managed to secure a significant $30 million in initial funding. Khosla Ventures has led the financing of this new AI startup, with major contributions from venture capital entities like Index Ventures and First Round Capital. The substantial investments signify a profound belief in Agrawal’s vision to propel AI innovation within the industry.

Agrawal’s Departure from Twitter: A Competition in the AI Landscape

Parag Agrawal’s swift departure from Twitter CEO following Elon Musk’s takeover is a multifaceted narrative. Several key factors likely contributed to this shift:

Elon Musk envisioned a radical transformation for Twitter, emphasizing free speech, subscription-based monetization, and an aggressive approach to combatting bots. In contrast, Agrawal focused on incremental improvements, content moderation policies, and user growth. This cautious strategy clashed with Musk’s ambitious goals.

Reports suggest that Musk sought a “fire-breathing dragon” as CEO – someone capable of executing his vision aggressively. Allegedly, he perceived Agrawal as lacking the necessary decisiveness and charisma. Leaks hinted at internal tensions within Twitter’s leadership, revolving around moderation policies and Musk’s overarching vision. This friction might have further weakened Agrawal’s position.

Public exchanges between Musk and Agrawal revealed a somewhat cold relationship, with Musk expressing criticism through tweets and leaked messages. Following the acquisition’s finalization, Musk likely sought complete control, leading to Agrawal’s removal to install someone aligned with his objectives.


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