Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2: Elon Musk Reveals Advanced Humanoid Robot with Surprising Skills

Elon Musk has unveiled an upgrade to the Tesla Bot, also known as Tesla Optimus. The upgrade to the humanoid robot goes beyond mere walking and talking. The Optimus Gen 2 robot has faster walking speed, hand movements, tactile sensing abilities on its fingers, and more.

Optimus Gen 2 Robot Can Boil Eggs, Exercise, and Even Dance!

Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, shared a demo video of the robot on X with the caption, “Optimus.”

The video starts with previous iterations of humanoid robots, launched in 2021 and 2022. The latest humanoid model is significantly advanced and can exercise, boil eggs, and dance. The robot features a stylish design, resembling that of a human being.

The video highlights the various capabilities of the humanoid robot, and in the end, a delightful surprise unfolds as the two Optimus Gen 2 robots are dancing.

Insight into Optimus’ Previous Generations

Tesla’s humanoid robot is a conceptual project under development by Tesla. The initial announcement occurred at the company’s AI Day event in 2021, with the vision of creating a versatile robot capable of handling various tasks, particularly unsafe, repetitive, or tedious for humans.

Optimus is still in the development phase, and Tesla has been periodically unveiling updates to showcase its progress, with the Optimus Gen 2 robot being the most recent iteration.

In 2022, Tesla revealed a prototype that could walk and perform simple tasks like picking up objects. During this unveiling, Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlighted, “This is the first time the robot was operated without [a tether] onstage tonight.” Videos showcased the robot’s capability to pick up objects and water plants. Musk humorously added, “We didn’t want it to fall on its face.

During its 2021 debut, Tesla said the robot is equipped with a custom Tesla computer chip, delivering the computational power required for complex tasks. Like a smartphone, it maintains connectivity through WiFi and LTE, enabling remote updates and control. Audio capabilities ensure clear communication, and its operations are safe by built-in cybersecurity features.

Fuelling the robot is a 2.3-kilowatt-hour battery, which is more efficient than traditional robots. This ensures prolonged operation without the need for frequent recharging.

In March this year, the Optimus Gen 1 was introduced, followed by additional details about the robot in September. The TeslaBot operates on an end-to-end neural network, the same technology that powers Tesla’s electric cars. A demo video showcased the TeslaBot doing yoga.


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