OLA CEO Bhavish Aggarwal Enters AI Arena; New Venture to Launch AI-chatbot  

Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal took to X to reveal the company’s latest initiative on AI. Bhavish Aggarwal’s new venture, ‘Krutrim,’ is working on developing an AI-powered chatbot to compete with industry giants like OpenAI and Google.

Aggarwal unveiled ‘Krutrim,’ a company registered earlier this year under the name Krutrim SI Designs, serving as the focal point for Ola’s AI endeavors. Aggarwal, seeking insights from his X followers, asked about the features they want in an AI, particularly as AI users.

Aggarwal asserted that he would integrate compelling ideas into the company’s product roadmap. Moreover, he announced plans to offer a free Ola S1X+ scooter to the best idea to encourage and generate more ideas.

In another tweet, Aggarwal expressed, ” The AI revolution is happening fast, and it will propel human productivity, accelerate science and discovery. We, humans, can finally aspire to be free from doing jobs that a computer can do and truly expand the frontiers of knowledge and creativity. And with India’s unique cultural ethos of seeking and metaphysical exploration, along with technological and economic advancement, India can become the global leader for this future of AI!”

The announcement follows closely after Aggarwal’s conversation with spiritual leader Sadhguru at the INSIGHT 2023 conference, organized by the Sadhguru Academy. During their discussion on electric vehicles and artificial intelligence, Aggarwal claimed that AI is poised to become a potent force for cultural assimilation. He highlighted the need for India to develop its own AI, citing that many widely used large language models are trained on non-Indian data. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of training AI in diverse “Bharatiya languages.

 In a discussion with Sadhguru, Aggarwal said, “The Indian ecosystem, economy, and entrepreneurs like ourselves must establish an Indian framework for AI. There are multiple reasons for this, as AI is poised to become a powerful force for cultural assimilation. Today’s AI has learned over data on the internet, which is largely non-Indian data; most of our Bhartiya languages are not on the internet. We must ensure the availability of sufficient Indian data across all our Bharatiya languages, making AI more practical for everyday use by the common man.”

As per the business intelligence site Tofler, the company Krutrim was officially registered in April and boasts two Directors: Bhavish Aggarwal and Krishnamurthy Tenneti.


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