Oracle Cloud Infrastructure makes enterprise-grade Kubernetes more reliable and simple

OCI enhances Kubernetes reliability and efficiency at lower costs

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is enhancing its capabilities to support the increasing demand for Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) among global organizations. These new capabilities can improve the reliability and efficiency of Kubernetes environments at a large scale while simplifying operations and reducing costs.

By lowering the required expertise, mitigating risks, and reducing the management workload for IT, these new capabilities can improve the reliability and efficiency of Kubernetes at an enterprise level while also providing significant cost savings for large Kubernetes environments.

“With Kubernetes as the linchpin of enterprises’ container platforms, we have seen increased customer adoption of Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and its usage in large-scale environments,” said Vijay Kumar, vice-president of product marketing, app dev services & developer relations, Oracle.

“The new capabilities will help our enterprise customers simplify the management of their large-scale environments, improve the reliability of their operations, and optimize their resources. With OCI offering the best cloud for optimally scaling Kubernetes via a seamless management experience and unrivaled price performance, customers can drive their businesses forward while realizing cost savings of up to 50 percent compared to other cloud providers.”

With the latest OKE updates, customers can expedite their transition to cloud-native and streamline their modernization endeavors, resulting in faster innovation and increased developer productivity. By outsourcing infrastructure management to the cloud service, customers can achieve significant cost savings as they expand their Kubernetes usage.

Customers accelerate their cloud-native journeys

“Standardizing on Kubernetes and other IaC patterns enables us to have consistent operations across our digital portfolio,” said Sebastian Daehne, director, DevOps engineering, GoTo.

“We reduced our cloud spend by migrating our video service from another cloud provider to OKE. Flex Shapes enabled us to accommodate the exact resource needs of our app, saving us a significant amount of money.”

SoundHound co-founder James Hom said the company hopes to deliver next-generation AI applications with the help of OCI.

“We run billions of voice AI queries on OCI, using a mix of Kubernetes infrastructure with OKE, GPUs, HPC, and modern developer services, including streaming, OpenSearch, and more,” said James Hom, chief product officer, and co-founder, SoundHound.

“We chose OCI as the best cloud to train and deliver our next-generation AI application – helping us provide the fastest and most accurate voice experiences to global brands, including Mercedes Benz, Toast, VIZIO, Hyundai, and others. With OCI, we have seen a 50-60 percent performance boost compared to our previous cloud, along with 2x cost reduction – all while doubling our usage,” James added.


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