AI will create powerful tools that require legal regulation, social norms: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

AI will create powerful tools that require legal regulation, social norms: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

Jensen Huang, chief executive officer of Nvidia, stated that the developing field of artificial intelligence (AI) would create potent tools requiring yet-to-be-developed social norms and legal regulation.

Huang, one of the most influential people in artificial intelligence, was speaking at an event in Stockholm, where officials announced that they were updating Sweden’s fastest supercomputer using equipment from Nvidia to create a large language model that will be fluent in Swedish.

Nvidia’s processors are widely utilized in the industry, including in a supercomputer that Microsoft built for startup OpenAI, in which Microsoft said it was making a multibillion-dollar investment.

“Remember, if you take a step back and think about all of the things in life that are either convenient, enabling, or wonderful for society, it also has probably some potential harm,” Huang said.

In the same way that medical groups provide guidelines for the safe practice of medicine, Huang claimed that engineering standards agencies would need to create standards for developing safe AI systems. However, Jensen Huang added that rules and societal norms would be crucial for AI.

“What is the social norm for using it? What the legal norms (are) for using it have to be developed. Everything is evolving right now. The fact that we’re all talking about it puts us in a much better place to eventually end up at a good place,” Huang said.

Representatives like Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California and member of the US House of Representatives, have proposed a US federal agency to oversee AI. Lieu stated that techniques like facial recognition employed by law enforcement organizations might mistakenly identify innocent persons from minority groups in an opinion piece published in the New York Times earlier this week.


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