Nvidia to revolutionize AI technology with cloud rental service

Nvidia, the market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) chips, plans to rent out its supercomputers to businesses in a bid to drive the AI boom further. CEO Jensen Huang announced the company’s plan to make its powerful and costly supercomputers, which are used to create AI technologies like ChatGPT, available for rent to almost any business.

The move is expected to accelerate the AI boom, which has driven Nvidia shares up 77% this year, making it approximately five times more valuable than its rival, Intel. Huang also introduced new hardware and software to reduce the cost of using supercomputer-created goods like robots.

The company has partnered with Oracle Corp to provide access to Nvidia’s DGX supercomputers with as many as 32,000 of Nvidia’s chips to anyone who can connect with a web browser. Nvidia’s new DGX Cloud rental service may enable a broader range of users to access tens of thousands of its chips.

The California-based company has assisted partners like Microsoft in developing sizable systems for OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, which uses these systems to create text responses that sound like human speech and images from prompts.

“The iPhone moment of AI has started,” Huang said, referring to how Apple opened up the smartphone market.

Nvidia unveiled new hardware and software to make supercomputer-created goods like robots much less expensive daily.

“Those products are years ahead of the competition. Nvidia’s leadership on the software side of AI is not only monumental – it is accelerating,” said Hans Mosesmann, a semiconductors analyst at Rosenblatt Securities.

Spreading AI technology through DGX Cloud rental service

With its new DGX Cloud rental service, Nvidia can open up access to tens of thousands of its chips to a much more comprehensive range of users. Amgen, a biotech company, and ServiceNow, a software company, have begun using the service.

To assist businesses in building their own tailored AI models, Nvidia also introduced AI Foundations. The service will be utilized by several significant stock image database owners, resolving any legal concerns regarding the copyright of the pictures used to create AI content.

Huang also disclosed technology that would hasten chip design and production. The software accelerates a process between the fabrication of the lithography masks used to print the chip design and the software-based chip design using Nvidia chips.


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