Myntra’s MyFashionGPT by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Launched

Fashion e-commerce “Myntra” has announced more on its collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, a partnership aimed at integrating generative AI into its shopping app to revolutionize how Indians engage in clothing shopping. The new feature, MyFashionGPT, enables users to search using natural language rather than keywords, introducing opportunities for product discovery.

MyFashionGPT, powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, comprehends open-ended queries such as “show me clothes for a beach vacation” and delivers relevant items across categories like beachwear, hats, sunglasses, and more. This liberates shoppers from the constraints of conventional search that rely on matching specific keywords already present in a product catalog.

Myntra disclosed that it conducted a hackathon in February to analyze how it could leverage generative AI to address the “unsolved search problems” in online fashion.

In-depth Analysis of Azure OpenAI Service Powered MyFashionGPT

Azure OpenAI Service allowed the team to compare different large language models and select the most suitable one for Myntra’s use case. Myntra states that in the coming weekend, several teams refine the backend systems and user interface ahead of the launch alongside the platform’s End of Reason Sale in May. The seamless integration with existing Azure infrastructure facilitated a quick deployment.

“Myntra’s systems are on Azure, and deploying Azure OpenAI Service was as seamless as deploying another server, and it gave us a secure way of using generative AI,” stated Vindhya Priya Shanmugam, director of engineering at Myntra.

Since its launch, MyFashionGPT has revolutionized how individuals search and purchase on Myntra. User queries have become more expansive, with the AI assistant now interpreting the underlying intent behind ambiguous search strings rather than relying on keyword matching. This creates fresh opportunities for product discovery.

Arit Mondal, the Director of Product Management, stated that MyFashionGPT is “solving the unsolved search problem in fashion” by comprehending open-ended natural language.

Myntra reports that users using the AI assistant show a threefold increased likelihood of making a purchase, and the assistant contributes to the discovery of complete looks, resulting in a driving 16% average rise in categories per order.

Motivated by this success, Myntra is actively developing additional generative AI-powered features. Upcoming functionalities include previewing entire outfits by selecting tops, bottoms, and accessories. Myntra has plans to incorporate voice search and personalization in the future.

Myntra’s FashionGPT is currently widely accessible on the app via an icon to the right of the search bar. Users can input requirements in natural language, witnessing the assistant intelligently generate a relevant list of clothing items for shopping. The assistant can process outfit queries based on occasions, travel destinations, and popular events like the IPL and even emulate celebrity looks from popular movies.


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