Microsoft and Infosys work together to speed up industry cloud adoption

Microsoft and Infosys work together to speed up industry cloud adoption

To speed up enterprise cloud transformation journeys globally, Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, announced that it would expand its partnership with Microsoft. According to the Infosys Cloud Radar, businesses may contribute up to $414 billion in net new earnings each year through effective cloud adoption.

According to the report’s calculations, embracing cloud technology increased companies’ potential to find new income streams and accelerate time to market by up to 11.2 percent YoY. Enterprises will gain a lot from the expanded strategic partnership between Infosys and Microsoft by receiving the best of Infosys Cobalt cloud products and Microsoft’s cloud computing technologies, led by Azure, throughout the business value chain.

The onboarding of Infosys Cobalt solutions to Microsoft’s industry clouds as part of the collaboration’s deepening would enable businesses to create flexible cloud-powered platforms and innovate at scale.

The combined capabilities of application modernization, enterprise solutions, data analytics, AI, digital workplace solutions, low-code, no-code power platforms, and cybersecurity advances will establish a solid foundation for cloud-powered transformation. These will provide businesses with the advantages of Microsoft’s best-in-class platforms and the Infosys Cobalt suite of cloud-powered solutions designed to reduce time to market and optimize revenue. For instance, the AI-first, user-centric platform Infosys Helix, which runs on Azure, provides value for the healthcare industry by analyzing, personalizing, and democratizing data for payers, providers, members, and governments.

Infosys Equinox, a human-centric digital commerce and marketing platform that provides contextualized omnichannel purchase experiences, is another remarkable example.

Anand Swaminathan, Executive Vice President & Global Industry Leader of Communications, Media, and Technology at Infosys, said, “Infosys and Microsoft have a longstanding 360-degree strategic collaboration. On the one hand, Infosys is pivotal in accelerating Microsoft’s transformation with digital services. On the other, Infosys has embraced Microsoft technology and Microsoft cloud solutions to empower our over 300,000 employees. Microsoft and Infosys also work closely to bring enterprises the world over the value of Infosys Cobalt cloud solutions and accelerate time-to-value for Microsoft enterprises’ business solutions. This extended collaboration will harvest the most value from all aspects of our well-rounded alliance.”

The total productivity will increase, and this prolonged engagement will improve the employee experience. Over 300,000 Infosys employees now have access to hyper-personalized, profoundly humanized experiences through an immersive app available across devices and as a hub for information and actions thanks to Infosys Cobalt solutions and Microsoft technologies. It is also equipped with business-grade security and integrated with various enterprise platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Also, Infosys Cobalt and Microsoft Commerce are working together to achieve extreme automation for product launches, another area where both companies are cooperatively developing along the entire business value chain utilizing Azure.

Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India, said, “This engagement with Infosys extends our trusted relationship over the past two decades and will accelerate the innovation and transformation journeys of businesses worldwide. As we continue to shape the future of the industry cloud, we are pleased to bring together our complementary strengths and serve our strategic customers better through Microsoft Azure-powered solutions with Infosys Cobalt.”


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