Microsoft announces changes to cloud computing service for complaints

Microsoft announces changes to cloud computing service for complaints

Microsoft Corp. president Brad Smith has said the company will revise its licensing terms and will also allow cloud computing service providers to better compete in response to complaints. Microsoft was recently fined $1.7 billion (roughly Rs. 13,066 crore) by European Union (EU) antitrust regulators.

These changes would allow cloud service providers to offer Windows a complete desktop operating system, provide longer-term price protection, and revise licensing terms.

While speaking at a conference organized in Brussels, Brad Smith said the tech giants would take every step to address the concerns.

“It really starts by giving more options to European cloud providers. So, if a company has a data center but wants to run solutions in its cloud PBX data center, we’re creating more options for them to do so with our software because that’s what they’ve been asking for,” Smith said.

The move comes after German software provider NextCloud, France’s OVHcloud, and two other companies filed regulatory complaints about Microsoft’s cloud practices.

“We thought it was important to start taking meaningful action within weeks, rather than months or years, and we set a goal internally to do so by today, a day when I’m in Brussels,” Smith wrote in a blog.

Microsoft said it is taking “a big step, but not necessarily the last step” and looks ahead to continuing feedback from European Cloud Providers, customers, and regulators.


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