Microsoft sets a 5-question limit per session for its updated Bing chatbot

Microsoft sets a 5-question limit per session for its updated Bing chatbot

Microsoft announced that it would set a cap of five questions per session and 50 questions per day for chat sessions on its new Bing search engine, which is driven by generative AI.

Microsoft decided a few days after several media sites claimed that the new Bing search engine’s results would be harmful and that the technology might not be suitable for widespread use.

“As we mentioned recently, very long chat sessions can confuse the underlying chat model in the new Bing. To address these issues, we have implemented some changes to help focus the chat sessions,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

Early search results and discussions with the Bard chatbot from Google and Microsoft Bing have demonstrated their unexpected nature.

“The chat experience will be capped at 50 chat turns per day and five chat turns per session. A turn is a conversation exchange that contains both a user question and a reply from Bing.

“Our data has shown that most of you find the answers you’re looking for within five turns and that only ~1% of chat conversations have 50+ messages. After a chat session hits five turns, you will be prompted to start a new topic. At the end of each chat session, the context needs to be cleared so the model won’t get confused. Just click on the broom icon to the left of the search box for a fresh start,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft has a potentially lucrative opportunity with the new Bing, with millions of people waiting for access. During an investor and media presentation last week, the business claimed that every percentage point of market share it increases in the market for search advertising could generate an additional $2 billion in ad revenue.


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