Meta Platforms set to unveil AI-powered chatbots with unique personalities in September

Meta to unveil AI-powered chatbots with unique personalities

In a move aimed at enhancing user engagement on its social media platforms, Meta Platforms is gearing up to launch a series of groundbreaking AI-powered chatbots.

According to insiders familiar with the company’s plans, Meta has been diligently crafting prototypes for chatbots capable of engaging in humanlike conversations with users. These cutting-edge chatbots are slated to offer a new search function and provide personalized recommendations to users.

The social media giant has gone all out to ensure that these chatbots exude distinct personalities. Among the personalities to be showcased, sources reveal that one chatbot is modeled to speak like the legendary Abraham Lincoln. At the same time, another will adopt the laid-back language style of a surfer to offer travel advice.

Meta AI-powered chatbots a strategic move

Introducing these innovative chatbots amidst Meta’s keen focus on bolstering retention rates on its text-based app Threads. The app witnessed a significant dip in user numbers shortly after its launch on July 5.

On a positive note, Meta’s parent company, Facebook, reported robust growth in advertising revenue during its latest earnings call. Moreover, the tech behemoth’s third-quarter revenue projections have exceeded market expectations.

This strategic move by Meta follows a challenging year in 2022, during which the company faced several hurdles. However, buoyed by the excitement surrounding emerging AI technology, Meta has also undertaken an austerity drive that substantially reduced its workforce, shedding approximately 21,000 employees.

Notably, other tech giants like Apple have also joined the AI race. Recent reports suggest that Apple is developing AI offerings akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. In its pursuit of AI advancements, Apple has even built its own framework called ‘Ajax,’ geared towards creating expansive language models. Sources further reveal that Apple is currently testing its very own chatbot, which has been informally dubbed ‘Apple GPT’ by some engineers.

With the impending launch of AI-powered chatbots, Meta Platforms is poised to reshape the landscape of social media interactions, offering users an unprecedented and personalized experience. The countdown to September has begun, and the world eagerly anticipates the unveiling of Meta’s revolutionary chatbot personalities.


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