Ex-Facebook coder claims Mark Zuckerberg brandished Katana sword at employees when unhappy

Ex-Facebook coder claims Mark Zuckerberg brandished Katana sword at employees when unhappy

Former Facebook employee Noah Kagan has claimed that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to wave his Katana sword at employees in the office when he didn’t like the codes put out on the website. Noah Kagan, a coder, was the 30th employee when Facebook was under development in 2005.

Kagan was sacked from Facebook within ten months of joining the social media company. He revealed in a 13-minute video posted on TikTok that he was let go with a salary of $60,000 and a 0.1 percent stake in the company.

“He had some great motivational lines. With love, he’d say, ‘If you don’t get that done sooner, I will punch you in the face,’ or ‘I will chop you with this huge sword,’ while holding a huge sword in up hand. To this day, I don’t know why he had that sword,” Kagan said in the video as per media reports.

However, it is not the first time that Kagan has talked about Zuckerberg’s ninja sword. In his book, “How I Lost 170 Million Dollars: My Time as #30 at Facebook,” Kagan shared a detailed account of an incident when the Meta CEO lost his temper at an engineer.

Kagan currently serves as the CEO of deals site AppSumo, a bargaining website for delivering goods and online services.

In his book, he also revealed that despite owning the biggest social media company, Zuckerberg remains anti-social in real life.

“He’s, ironically, an anti-social person by nature, which is strange given he created a site that helps people connect with the ones they know (and meet new people),” Kagan wrote in his book.


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