Hunna Technology introduces Europe’s first AI CEO, redefining business leadership

UK-based HealthTech startup, Hunna Technology, has unveiled a groundbreaking achievement – the first-ever AI in Europe to take on the role of a company CEO. This innovative system, called IndigoVX, combines the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise, going beyond the capabilities of a regular chatbot by utilizing a unique mathematical algorithm.

Drawing inspiration from Steve Jobs’ philosophy of empowering smart individuals, IndigoVX operates as a supervised AI CEO.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

It envisions a collaboration akin to a chess game, where humans set high-level goals while the AI generates optimal strategies, with constant input and refinement from both parties.

After a rigorous 12-month testing phase to ensure safety and legal compliance, Hunna announced the promotion of IndigoVX to CEO. Co-founder Ahmed Lazem stepped down from the CEO position, acknowledging that the AI, supported by human supervision, can outperform him.

“I stepped down as CEO in July because I believe an AI supervised by humans can outperform me,” said co-founder Ahmed Lazem, “She hasn’t failed us.”

IndigoVX has a decision success rate of over 90%

The results achieved by the AI CEO have been remarkable. With a decision success rate of over 90%, IndigoVX has demonstrated its ability to identify untapped markets, optimize resource allocation, forecast consumer trends accurately, and even contribute to crucial research for the rollout of medical AI in the UAE.

“The IndigoVX AI system has consistently surpassed our expectations – it’s blown our minds,” said Dr. Kais Dukes, CTO and co-founder of Hunna Technology. “The AI CEO has successfully identified under-explored markets, optimized resource allocation, and accurately forecasted consumer trends, with an over 90% successful decision rate.”

Hunna’s vision is to leverage AI’s potential while maintaining accountability through constant human oversight. The startup emphasizes that its AI CEO is not entirely autonomous, considering this as a strength rather than a weakness. By granting the system the CEO title, Hunna aims to partially automate the role of a Chief Executive Officer partially, guiding the company’s overall operations. The fusion of AI and human intelligence has proven to be a winning combination for Hunna Technology’s ambitions in the HealthTech industry.

Hunna Technology’s AI CEO has achieved notable success, which includes:

  • Crafting a robust and practical business strategy that the founders successfully executed.
  • Identifying the initial startup idea, laying the foundation for the venture.
  • Conducting crucial research to facilitate the national rollout of their medical AI in the UAE.
  • Strategically choosing the UAE as the primary target market for their products and services.
  • Seamlessly integrating AI into daily business processes, making it an integral part of operations.

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