Indian Consumers Seek AI Services Amid Data Privacy Concerns: Adobe 

Indian Consumers Fear Unethical Use of AI : Adobe

Indian consumers are increasingly inclined towards adopting AI-powered tools and services for improved customer experiences, states Adobe’s State of Digital Customer Experience report. However, despite the growing preference for AI, concerns about the unethical use of AI persist among consumers. 

The report indicates that 57 percent of Indian consumers prioritize AI-powered services for improved customer experiences, surpassing the global average of 39 percent. Yet, most still prefer human assistance for intricate tasks like seeking customer support or managing returns and cancellations. 

In contrast, the report highlights a disparity in AI use among Indian brands. Only 15 percent of Indian brands have fully used AI’s potential to augment customer experience initiatives, which is less than the global average of 18 percent. Brands in Europe and the US are notably ahead, being twice as likely to have dedicated budgets and internal policies for AI integration. 

However, there’s a possibility for a shift in this landscape. Adobe’s report predicts that 53% of Indian brands are committed to improving their generative AI capabilities. Additionally, 76 percent of brands plan to adopt generative AI solutions within the next 12 months. This surge is supported by 41 percent of Indian companies prioritizing customer experience, with 87 percent placing it above other business goals. 

Concerns Over Unethical Use of AI  

Despite the optimism for AI integration, concerns arise regarding data privacy and the unethical use of AI. Consumer reluctance to share data is a significant barrier hindering AI adoption for personalized experiences. The report notes that many survey participants expressed willingness to stop or reconsider not buying from brands that lack transparency regarding data usage. 

While Indians desire more AI integration, doubt prevails regarding data collection practices, with 65 percent fearing excessive data collection and 56 percent doubting the ethical standards of AI tools offered by brands. 


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