IBM and AWS expand partnership to drive business transformation with generative AI

IBM Consulting and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a significant expansion of their partnership to assist mutual clients in harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to drive operational efficiency and business growth. The collaboration between IBM and AWS is a response to the growing demand from clients seeking to leverage AI for cost reduction, operational efficiency, and overall growth. Whether clients require AI technology demonstrations, exploration of potential use cases, or creating bespoke solutions, IBM and AWS have been working together to meet these needs.

IBM Consulting plans to deepen its expertise in generative AI on AWS by training 10,000 consultants by the end of 2024. IBM and AWS also plan to develop joint solutions and services incorporating generative AI capabilities tailored for critical business use cases.

Enhanced Solutions Powered by Generative AI

IBM and AWS are bolstering their existing portfolio of AI solutions and services with generative AI capabilities, enabling clients to rapidly integrate AI into their business and IT operations within the AWS environment.

Several specific solutions are set to benefit from this collaboration:

  • Contact Center Modernization with Amazon Connect: IBM Consulting has worked with AWS to implement summarization and categorization functions for voice and digital interactions using generative AI. This allows for seamless transfers between chatbots and live agents, providing agents with summarized information to expedite issue resolution and improve quality management.
  • Platform Services on AWS: Initially introduced in November 2022, this offering has been upgraded with generative AI to enhance the management of the entire cloud value chain, covering IT Ops, automation, and platform engineering. The generative AI capabilities provide tools for improved business serviceability and availability, enhancing uptime and mean-time repair for applications hosted on AWS.
  • Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS: A planned offering that introduces a virtual assistant designed to accelerate and augment the work of supply chain professionals. It will help enhance customer expectations, optimize inventories, reduce costs, streamline logistics, and assess supply chain risks.

“Our customers are increasingly seeking the technical support and AI expertise they need to build and implement a generative AI strategy that drives business value from their entire cloud value chain,” said Chris Niederman, Managing Director of Global Systems Integrators at AWS.

“We are excited to be working with IBM to include embedded generative AI capabilities that assist our mutual customers scale their applications – and help IBM consultants deepen their expertise on best practices for customer engagement with AWS generative AI services.”

Leveraging Generative AI Services

IBM Consulting is committed to deepening its expertise in AWS generative AI services, including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Amazon Bedrock. This includes access to IBM Consulting’s Center of Excellence for Generative AI, offering specialized expertise in generative AI.

These consultants will have access to an exclusive, partner-only program that provides training on top use cases and best practices for client engagement with AWS generative AI services.

The Future of Generative AI with IBM and AWS

Manish Goyal, Senior Partner and Global AI & Analytics Leader at IBM Consulting highlighted the significance of this collaboration, saying, “Enterprise clients are looking for expert help to build a strategy and develop generative AI use cases that can drive business value and transformation – while mitigating risks.”

He emphasized the potential of this partnership to empower clients to rapidly and responsibly scale generative AI applications on their chosen platforms.

“Paired with IBM’s AI heritage and deep expertise in business transformation on AWS, this suite of re-engineered solutions with embedded generative AI capabilities can help our mutual clients to scale generative AI applications rapidly and responsibly on their platform of choice.”

The collaboration between IBM and AWS signifies a solid commitment to advancing generative AI adoption, enabling enterprises to benefit from AI-driven solutions tailored to their needs.


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