AI-Related Keywords Beat Crypto, Web3 in Google Search in 2023

Google Trends 2023: AI Pips Crypto, Web3 in Google Searches

Cryptocurrency and Web3 ruled Google Search from 2020 to 2022, ranking their related keywords high on the search engine. However, artificial intelligence (AI) ended crypto dominance by flooding Google with its related searches worldwide. AI-related Google searches scored 91 on Google Trends 2023, while searches around cryptocurrency managed only 22 out of 100.

Keywords associated with AI, such as ChatGPT, introduced in November 2022, maintained a prominent position in Google Search results for the entire year. Searches related to Google Bard, Meta AI, GrokAI, and concerns about AI displacing human jobs were among the most popular AI-related inquiries. The majority of this interest originated from countries like Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

The waning interest for Web3 in 2023 can be linked to a series of market-crashing events in the previous year, like the downfall of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, Terra, and Luna, among other notable entities.For Bitcoin, the major attention in the current year is primarily from El Salvador, marking its historic distinction as the first country globally to formally acknowledge BTC as a legal tender alongside its traditional fiat currency. Other nations attributed to cryptocurrency-related inquiries on Google in 2023 include Nigeria, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Switzerland.

The visuals representing the decline of cryptocurrency interest in Google Searches this year have been circulating on X.

Exploring the Shift in Google Trends 2023

One possible explanation for the change in search patterns is that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been captivating subjects more than AI for a prolonged period.

Consequently, users may have searched extensively on crypto-related terms in the preceding years. In contrast, AI’s continuous development and implementation have sparked more recent curiosity and exploration in this field.

AI’s Dominance in Job Market Searches

Beyond influencing search trends, AI has left a substantial mark on the job market. A July analysis by crypto data aggregator CoinGecko revealed that the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 led to a surge in searches for “AI jobs.” These searches surpassed those for “crypto jobs” by an impressive four-fold margin.

This highlights the growing interest in career opportunities associated with AI and the promising prospects offered by advancements in AI.


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