Committed to providing strongest data privacy & security protections: Google

Committed to providing strongest privacy & security protections: Google

Google’s Global Chief Privacy Officer, Keith Enright, said the tech giants would continue innovating to provide the most robust privacy and security protections, irrespective of where users sit. At a virtual conference, Keith Enright spoke on data protection, the global internet, and the digital economy.

“Our commitment is to comply with applicable legal requirements in jurisdictions where our products and services are offered. But we will do so in the most protective manner of our users. We will continue innovating to provide the strongest privacy and security protections, irrespective of where the user sits,” Keith Enright was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India.

With India’s new IT rules in place, Enright said Google continuously engages with policymakers on data protection legislation.

“We are concerned when we see legal requirements that could impede the way the internet operates in that regard. So we try to engage with legislators and regulators to ensure that we can continue providing our services everywhere in the world in a way that people have come to expect,” Enright added.

‘Harmful impediments’

Enright cautioned against creating “damaging or harmful impediments” to cross-border data transfers.

“Generally, when we have a conversation about this, we try to understand the underlying policy objectives that are trying to be advanced in that legislation. And how can we meet those policy objectives without creating damaging or harmful impediments on cross border data transfers, which are necessary for the internet to operate,” he said.

Google is among the top tech companies that have urged India to relax its IT rules. In a letter to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Google, along with Apple, Meta, and other tech companies, has proposed changes in the new IT Rules 2021 that would affect continuity in business operations.


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