StarHub and Google Cloud work together to strengthen cloud infinity transformation program

StarHub and Google Cloud work together to strengthen cloud infinity transformation program

Google Cloud announced a new partnership with StarHub, a premier homegrown Singapore business offering top-notch digital, entertainment, and communications services. Google Cloud will assist StarHub in building a cloud-native, open, scalable, and energy-efficient network for Singaporean businesses.

Cloud-native networks are essential for communication service providers (CSPs) to succeed in a connected society. This aligns with StarHub’s Cloud Infinity transformation effort, which aims to improve service delivery, scalability, and performance while decreasing operational costs. To build a special, multi-access, software-based 5G cloud core network today, StarHub will conduct trial projects using Nokia 5G Standalone Core and Google Distributed Cloud Edge (GDC Edge).

GDC Edge expands on Google Cloud’s current telecom solutions and allows businesses like StarHub to execute essential network operations at the carrier’s network’s edge. This brings the reliable and secure infrastructure of Google Cloud even closer to the locations where data is produced and used.

StarHub’s subscribers and enterprise clients in the manufacturing, retail, hospitality, transportation, and other sectors will be able to take advantage of its newly scalable, secure, low-latency, and universally accessible software-driven network as a result of the company moving its 5G core network to a cloud platform.

“As we lift our 5G network to the cloud, we believe our collaboration with Google Cloud and Nokia will better enable us to improve the experience for our subscribers and help industry leaders reimagine their businesses for the future,” said Ayush Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, StarHub.

StarHub will also utilize Google Cloud’s extensive data management, AI, and ML expertise to improve its network operations. As a result of the partnership, StarHub will be able to eliminate informational silos and implement new interoperability-related insights. Also, by comprehending the depth of its data points, StarHub could handle day-to-day network operations more efficiently.

“StarHub’s commitment to cloud-native network transformation has raised the bar for regional telecommunication companies,” said Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud Go-to-Market. “Combined with Google Cloud’s global scale and the capabilities of our leading data analytics, AI, and ML technologies, StarHub’s next-generation network is built for faster innovation, efficiency, and scale to benefit its enterprise customers and more.”


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