Godfather of AI Says Criminals Cannot Use AI for Global Dominance

Yann LeCun, the “Godfather of AI,” believes that terrorists and criminals cannot use AI to take over the world, as they have limited access to essential resources and skills.

LeCun, chief AI scientist at Meta said this is because of the sheer amount of skills and resources needed to pull something like that off. Terrorists and criminals need “access to 2,000 GPUs somewhere that nobody can detect, enough money to fund it, and enough talent to do the job.” Yaan stated Wired’s Steve Levy in a report published on December 22.

He further mentioned that wealthy nations likely lack the means to govern open-source AI.

“Actually, not even China does because there’s an embargo,” he said, referring to the US export bans on AI chips.

Meta has been a prominent advocate for using an open-source approach in AI development. In July the company introduced Llama 2, a predominantly open-source AI model. Then, on December 5, Meta allied with IBM “to foster open innovation and open science in AI.” This collaborative effort distinguishes Meta from competitors such as OpenAI and Google, both of which have adopted closed models.

Yann LeCun has consistently addressed concerns about AI posing an existential threat to humanity. During a press event in Paris in June, he dismissed such assertions as “preposterously ridiculous,” per BBC News.

“Will AI take control of the world? No, this is a projection of human nature on machines,” Yann said.

Godfather of AI- Geoffrey Hinton Spells Concerns About AI Exploitation

Geoffrey Hinton, the joint recipient of the 2018 Turning Award with LeCun and Yoshua Bengion, also discussed AI technology.

In October, Hinton expressed the idea that we could have “things” that have more human intelligence for the first time in the future. He also raised the prospect of AI influencing or manipulating human beings in the days ahead.

“Will they have the ability to manipulate people?” he questioned, further commenting, “These entities will be very good at convincing people because they will have absorbed knowledge from every novel ever written, including works by Machiavelli and all the political connivances, they’ll know all that stuff. They’ll know how to do it.”


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