Messenger to get a dedicated voice calling button soon

Messenger to get a dedicated voice calling button soon

Facebook Messenger is set to get a dedicated voice calling button on its apps soon. The new calling tab will appear alongside the video call button, chat, stories, and people sections on the app.

In the present scenario, users have to open a particular chat on the Messenger app to make a voice call to their contact. Meta is taking steps to make Messenger more like WhatsApp, which is a calling and messaging app.

In 2021, Facebook rolled out a few WhatsApp-like features such as stickers, message-specific replies, forwarding and message reactions, etc.

Meta has already started rolling out the new voice call feature and is expected to reach all users soon, making it easier to make a voice or video call. The new calling tab will release on both iOS and Android.

According to Meta, audio and video calling on Messenger have increased by 40 percent in the last couple of years.

“Last year, we announced that we began testing end-to-end encryption for group chats, including voice and video calls. We’re excited to announce that this feature is available to everyone. Now you can choose to connect with your friends and family privately and securely,” Messenger said in a blog post earlier this year.

In March, the Facebook Messenger app added new Shortcuts feature allowing users to send GIFs, ASCII emoticons and perform tasks using commands.


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