Facebook faces suspension in Kenya for violating hate speech laws

Facebook faces suspension in Kenya for violating hate speech laws

Social media giants Facebook have been accused of violating Kenya’s laws on hate speech. Facebook has seven days to tackle hate speech and incitement on the platform; else, the Kenyan authorities will suspend the platform’s operations. Facebook is already banned in Russia after failing to curb hate speech on its platform.

As per media reports, Kenya’s National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) said Facebook violates the laws.

“Facebook is in violation of the laws of our country. They have allowed themselves to be a vector of hate speech and incitement, misinformation and disinformation,” Danvas Makori, an NCIC commissioner, said.

Davas Makori further said NCIC would recommend the suspension of Meta’s operations to the regulator of social media firms, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK).

“This country is bigger than a social media company or an entity. We will not allow Facebook, or any other social media company, to jeopardize security,” he said.

Meanwhile, Meta said it had taken necessary steps to remove hate speech and inflammatory content.

“We have dedicated teams of Swahili speakers and proactive detection technology to help us remove harmful content quickly and at scale,” Meta told the media.


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