PM Modi Talks Self-Reliance and India’s Drive to Eliminate Its Dependency on Imported Technology

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the issue of deepfakes on social media once more and stated that AI-generated videos and images look real. He urged vigilance in dealing with new technologies, explicitly cautioning against the misleading authenticity of deepfake videos developed through Generative AI. He further urged caution against the rising challenges of cyber fraud while interacting with students during the grand finale of the Smart India Hackathon.

“We have to be careful with new technology. If these are used carefully, they can be very useful. However, if these are misused, it can create huge problems. You must be aware of deepfake videos made with the help of generative AI,” he said.

“These videos look very real and demand scrutiny before acceptance. India is emphasizing a global framework for AI,” the PM further said while underscoring the significance of cautious and accountable technology usage.

PM Modi’s remarks revealed the prevalence of deepfake videos on social media featuring various Bollywood actors, like Rashmika Mandanna and Alia Bhatt. These instances have sparked concerns about the potential misuse of AI technology.

PM Modi’s About DeepFakes on Social Media

During the virtual G20 summit on November 22, PM Modi emphasized the need for “global regulations for AI” in response to the rise of deepfakes on social media. He stressed that AI should prioritize safety for society, expressing concerns about its adverse effects.

Earlier, on November 17, PM Modi labeled deepfakes as a significant threat to the Indian system, warning of potential societal chaos. He urged the media to raise awareness about this escalating problem.

At the BJP’s Diwali Milan program in Delhi on the same day, PM Modi mentioned a deepfake video of him doing Garba, verified by India Today. Calling the video “very real,” he clarified that he hadn’t engaged in Garba since his youth.

Eliminate Dependency on Imported Technologies Says PM Modi

Addressing the concerns about defense technology, he said India has the world’s largest talent pool, with global confidence in the nation’s ability to provide cost-effective, superior, sustainable, and scalable solutions to global challenges.

He emphasized self-reliance and India’s drive to eliminate its dependency on imported technology. “Technology has become an important part of our lives like never before. India’s objective should be self-sufficiency, steering clear of technology imports and external dependencies,” he added while speaking at the Smart India Hackathon.


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