Apple users file lawsuit against Facebook & Instagram over data privacy

Apple users file lawsuit against Facebook & Instagram over data privacy

Apple users have filed a class action case alleging Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta is still tracking their activity on their iPhones even though they “opted out” of tracking.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal Court, claims Meta violated the Invasion of Privacy Act and the Wiretap Act. The plaintiffs in the case claim they had the Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger app on their iPhones but had their private browsing activity and communications intercepted, monitored, and recorded by the Meta browsers.

In April of 2021, Apple introduced an iOS 14 update that required Meta (and other apps) to obtain a user’s consent before tracking their internet activity on apps and third-party websites. According to Facebook, this caused a revenue loss of $10 billion. Now, however, the lawsuit alleges that even when users do not consent to be tracked, Meta nevertheless tracks Facebook and Instagram users’ online activity with external third-party websites. The lawsuit claims Meta does this by injecting JavaScript code into those sites. When a user clicks on a web link within the Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger app, Meta automatically directs them to in-app browsers, which it monitors. This is in place of the user’s preferred or default browser.

Meta continues to abuse its users by stealing private information

The lawsuit alleges Meta does all of this without the user’s consent or knowledge. This activity gives Meta access to the user’s most private information, including text messages, personal health details, financial information, personally identifiable information, and more.

“Meta is valued at over $80 billion. When a corporation of that size flaunts state and federal laws, citizens have little to no recourse,” said Kiley Grombacher. “Despite previous lawsuits, despite being taken to task by Congress, and public outcry, Meta continues to abuse its users by stealing their private information and turning anyone unsuspecting users of Facebook or Instagram into profit centers whether the user agrees to it or not.”


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