Arize AI announces partnership expansion with Google Cloud to boost machine learning observability

Arize AI announces partnership expansion with Google Cloud to enhance machine learning observability

Arize AI has announced that the Google Cloud Marketplace now offers its machine learning (ML) observability platform. This extension of the company’s cooperation with Google Cloud will enable Arize to provide its platform, which monitors billions of model predictions daily, to more clients worldwide.

With Arize available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers already leveraging Google Cloud can easily deploy Arize to their cloud environment, speeding up their time-to-value. In a matter of minutes, teams can start streamlining their ML troubleshooting efforts with Arize through purpose-built workflows and analytics for model performance management, drift detection, data quality checks, and model validation. This will also provide excellent migration support to existing Arize customers as they move their on-prem Arize instances onto Google Cloud’s global infrastructure.

Expansion of Google Cloud Technology

In addition to bringing its platform to Google Cloud Marketplace, Arize is significantly expanding its use of Google Cloud technology and services as a part of this expanded partnership. Arize, which runs its platform on Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure, will increase its use of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to support its hosting production, developer onboarding, and application data management as it scales to meet the growing demand for its solution.

“AI continues to change the way organizations automate operations and deliver innovative products and solutions to customers,” said Drew Bradstock, Director, GKE Product Management, Google Cloud. “We’re proud to support the growth of innovators like Arize with the infrastructure, cloud technologies, and go-to-market expertise needed to empower more customers and their machine learning teams with robust ML observability solutions.”

“ML teams count on Arize to be able to handle current and future analytics complexity and scale, and we built the platform with that in mind,” said Michael Schiff, Chief Architect and Founding Engineer at Arize. “Having a partner like Google Cloud has been invaluable to Arize’s growth, and we look forward to delivering our solutions to more companies through this expanded partnership.”


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