A meaningful life lesson Steve Jobs taught Tim Cook: ‘The joy is in the journey’

Tim Cook talks about life lessons

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared one of the most meaningful life lessons the co-founder Steve Jobs taught him. Tim Cook also stressed the importance of education and how staying calm helps focus on the work.

During the FIRST Inspire 2022 Gala last week, Cook was asked about the meaningful life lessons he received from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

He responded by saying, “the thing Steve (Jobs) taught me is that joy is in the journey. You know, I always used to think about the next thing and always sort of put off the happiness until the next thing occurred. And, of course, the next thing never occurs. But he taught me the joy is in the journey,” Cook said.

“When I talk to kids these days, this is what I remind them about because if you live your life that the joy is in the journey, you’re going to have a lot happier life. The other thing is to find something you are passionate about and put all of yourself into it,” he added.

Cook also said he was “fortunate” to have parents and teachers who emphasized education’s importance and talked about how education impacted his journey.

“I am the product of public school education, which is everything to me. It’s the foundation I was able to do everything afterward, including this job. I was very fortunate to have parents that emphasized the importance of education. I was very fortunate to have teachers who cared enough to push me harder to do more than I thought I could. It’s the combination of those things that made me who I am. I think education is so important. It’s the great equalizer of people; it’s the thing that gives everybody an equal chance,” Cook said.

Cook has taken over the company from Jobs and assisted Apple in continuing its innovative path while ensuring its financial position remains secure.


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