Innovating Email Marketing: Making it Customer-Centric

Email Marketing

With the evolution of social media and targeted advertising, the state of email marketing appeared set towards extinction. But if recent trends are anything to go by, then the channel still stands as one of most potent forms of content-driven lead generation and conversion. In several cases, it’s also come out on top when utilized for awareness-based campaigns.

But to implement this format of marketing into digital strategies, it becomes important to understand and anticipate the channel’s future. More so, when you realize that said changes could impact your day-to-days. With the rise of newer technologies, there’s a lot more to email marketing than its preceding format. Think about artificial intelligence, personalization, automation, data, GDPR, or content even. There’s a lot for it to evolve into, email marketing that is.

What are these trends, or better yet, how are they going to help with your email marketing strategy? Let’s take a look.

  1. Customer Experience Marketing via Email

    It’s essential to push the principles of modern channel strategies into email marketing as well; the same that make lifecycle messages work – personalization, customer-focus, and helpfulness. This era urges us to take steps away from regular business as usual or promotional emails. It’s simply Customer Experience Email Marketing, to deliver upon the promise that had led to a customer subscription, initially.

  2. Customer-Centric Marketing & Brand Authenticity

    Automation is key to innovating strategies around email marketing. But even with automation, it’s important to observe your process from a subscriber’s point of view. The sequence, for example, needs to make sense enough to ensure that it caters to the needs of both the customer and the brand.

    At the same time, even with customer-centricity, it’s essential for a brand to pair email marketing strategies with emails that attest to brand authenticity, emails that show that you care about your relationship with subscribers. For example, take the time to check if your emails appeal to consumers, or what new products or services they might wish for in the future. It’s about giving your brand some personality.

  3. Predictive Automation with Customers

    There’s no secret to the massive amounts of data being collected on an almost daily basis. It’s increased the use of automation systems; but rather than looking back to the data, the strategy will hover around identifying what a consumer might need or want to buy next. A classic example lies with Amazon, and their eCommerce platform’s ability to suggest products based on your profile and former purchases.

  4. AI: New Opportunities. Low Adoption.

    Artificial intelligence offers a new way for marketers to improve personalization, creation, delivery, and also increase sales. In fact, it’s easy to expect AI to push the boundaries of automation, helping it grow across several aspects in email marketing. But due to the relative complexity of managing or implementing AI into email marketing automation, the rate adoption might remain limited to high-resource companies.

Email is slowly beginning to reclaim some of its lost respect, and it’s largely due to innovative pushes from other forms of next-generation technologies. CMOs are beginning to realize its value to holistic and powerful strategies, for instance, including its importance to the all-essential lifetime value metric. But despite the resurgence, email marketing continues to receive small slivers of big marketing budgets – even with the incredible ROI. In the end, it’s up to how you play the game. Short? Or are you in it for the long haul?


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