‘Togeth૪ing eliminates the need to share screens or devices, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience’, opines Maadhav Bhide

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MUMBAI, India, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Togeth૪ing—an app poised at the forefront of revolutionizing the realm of virtual social connectivity has launched earlier this year, and now introduces an interesting feature. The simplicity of the process is a testament to the app’s user-friendly design – a quick scan of the QR code and a shared link later, friends and family can collectively enjoy movies, music, and interactive conversations as if they were physically present.

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the co-action experience, Togeth૪ing introduces instant coupons during co-watching and co-listening sessions. These coupons translate into exclusive advantages for participants, creating a dynamic and rewarding virtual environment. Users can now enjoy the entertainment they love while reaping the benefits of shared experiences. 

Sharing about the inspiration behind the inception and the uniqueness of Togeth૪ing, Founder Maadhav Bhide, said, “Togeth૪ing’s journey began with a simple disagreement with my wife at Starbucks, which sparked a challenge. Initially, it was just about fulfilling a basic idea. However, it was the persistent encouragement and support from my children, who happen to be computer engineers, that pushed me to delve deeper. Their belief in the concept propelled me to take further steps and transform it into a tangible product. Since then, the journey has been a rollercoaster of learning, growth, and innovation.”

Commenting on the innovative approach of Togeth૪ing that redefines digital collaboration and sets them apart from other social and entertainment platforms, he said, “What truly distinguishes Togeth૪ing is its unparalleled ability to facilitate multi-party control without the need for screen or device sharing. Whether it’s coordinating entertainment choices or collaborating on food orders, participants can engage in activities together with individual autonomy. Additionally, our platform seamlessly integrates all essential social media features, empowering users to share and promote content effortlessly. This innovative combination of interactive capabilities makes Togeth૪ing a true B2B2C2B platform, offering a level of connectivity and collaboration unmatched by any other platform.”

Highlighting the key features of Togeth૪ing that enhance user engagement and interaction, particularly in synchronous entertainment experiences, Mr. Bhide commented, “The inception of Togeth૪ing can be traced back to a personal conflict – a playful disagreement with my wife over music. What distinguishes Togeth૪ing from other social and entertainment platforms in today’s market is its unique approach to fostering collaboration and interaction. Unlike many platforms, Togeth૪ing eliminates the need to share screens or devices, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

“Togeth૪ing stands out with its distinctive feature of multi-party control. This means that users and businesses can engage on-the-fly, enjoying the ability to control various activities without the complexities of screen sharing. The app seamlessly integrates default chat and video chat functionalities, offering a comprehensive and dynamic interaction experience.

“In essence, Togeth૪ing is more than just a platform; it’s a solution born out of personal experience, designed to redefine how people connect and collaborate in the digital realm.”

Togeth૪ing’s innovative strategy revolves around building a ‘User-driven’ economy, offering extensive opportunities for businesses, advertisers, and brands to harness the power of the Togeth૪ing engine. The implementation of a Togeth૪ing QR code-based reward program further opens doors for businesses across various sectors such as Media Entertainment, E-commerce, Health, Education, and more.

This strategic approach positions Togeth૪ing as a versatile platform, enabling businesses to rapidly expand and engage with a diverse audience. By leveraging the app’s capabilities, organizations can tap into the evolving landscape of user preferences, making Togeth૪ing a catalyst for growth in multiple industries.

For more information, visit https://togethring.net/

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