SANY Marine and SGP Collaborate to Advance Sustainable Development and Strategic Cooperation in Saudi Arabian Ports

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SHANGHAI, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 25th, SANY Marine, a subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry, signed a landmark agreement with Saudi Global Ports Company (SGP), a joint venture between PSA International and local partners, to promote sustainable development and strategic cooperation in Saudi Arabian ports. This agreement, which includes the purchase of 80 electric trucks, represents the largest single order of electric trucks globally.

SANY Marine and SGP Collaborate to Advance Sustainable Development and Strategic Cooperation in Saudi Arabian Ports

The signing ceremony was attended by high-profile figures, including Mr. Rayan AlBakri, Deputy Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia, Edward Tah, CEO of SGP, Fu Weizhong, Chairman of SANY Marine, and Tang Weibin, General Manager of Overseas Marketing. This event underscores the commitment to driving sustainable growth in the port industry.

SGP, a joint venture between PSA, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), and Al Blagha Group, aims to accelerate the low-carbon development and modernization of PSA’s ports. SANY Marine’s electric trucks will contribute to addressing climate change and align with Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” sustainable development goals.

This collaboration is part of Saudi Arabia’s strategy to position itself as a key global logistics hub connecting three continents. The facility was awarded “Port of the Year” at the 2024 ShipTek Awards and will have the largest electric fleet in the Middle East upon completion of the transaction.

SANY’s electric trucks will play a vital role in port operations by reducing air and greenhouse gas emissions through zero-emission technology, thus protecting the environment. They also offer higher energy efficiency and cost savings in operation and maintenance.

Omar Hariri, Chairman of the Saudi Ports Authority, expressed his excitement about the contract, stating, “This contract contributes to the development and modernization of the port, making it a flexible and sustainable logistics center.”

Earlier this year, SANY Heavy Industry delivered 50 dump trucks to Saudi Arabia. Along with over 1,700 SANY Heavy Industry equipment deployed at the NEOM construction site, these vehicles mark a significant contribution to the region’s development.

SGP has been collaborating with SANY Marine, a subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry, since 2013. To date, approximately 50 mobile port equipment and six rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) have been delivered.

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