Memecoin Mania Boils Over! Join Bybit Web3’s Live Stream Debate: Fad or Future?

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Featuring CryptoYapper, AltCryptoGems, BeInCrypto, and Ronny Roehrig (CEO of Cripto Avances).

DUBAI, UAE, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bybit Web3, the Web3 division of Bybit – one of the top three global crypto exchanges by trading volume, today announced its upcoming live stream event, “Memecoin Mavericks: Where Will the Winds of Memecoin Fate Blow?” 

Scheduled for Friday, May 24, 2024, at 8:00 AM UTC, this hotly anticipated debate composed of renowned industry experts will go head-to-head on the significance and future of memecoins within the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

In addition to the expert firefight, the event boasts a popularity voting contest featuring nine trending and charismatic memecoins: AllYourBase, Toshi, BaseGod, Brett, Based Fellas, FOMO, Based Peaches, Poncho, and EZ. Attendees who participate in the voting will have the chance to win the most popular memecoin based on the collective votes.

“We’re thrilled to present ‘Memecoin Mavericks,’ an engaging live stream debate where industry leaders will dissect the future prospects of memecoins,” said Emily Bao, Bybit Web3 Evangelist. “This event captures the dynamic spirit of Web3 and provides a unique platform for our community to gain valuable insights, participate in lively discussions, and even win big. Join us on May 24th to explore whether meme coins are just a fleeting trend or the next big thing in crypto.”

Why You Can’t Miss This Livestream

Meme Mania Heats Up

The memecoin market is experiencing a red-hot surge, with trading volume reaching its highest level since May 2021! This surge signifies a massive influx of interest in memecoins, with popular tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, Floki Inu, Dogwifhat, BONK, Brett, and Toshi leading the charge. This trend coincides with the thriving network usage of Base. DeFiLlama data shows its 24-hour trading volume currently exceeding $250 million, a tenfold increase from just $25 million at the end of January.

Memecoins themselves have seen a phenomenal 195% annual increase, significantly outperforming Bitcoin’s respectable 123% rise. The total market cap for memecoins has ballooned to a whopping $51 billion, showcasing the immense potential – and inherent risk – this sector holds. But is this a sustainable trend, or a fleeting frenzy? Join our live stream to find out!

Renowned Experts. Fiery Debate.

Witness CryptoYapper, AltCryptoGems, BeInCrypto, and Ronny Roehrig (CEO of Cripto Avances) engage in a lively debate on a range of thought-provoking themes. From the true spirit of meme culture in Web3 to the potential of memecoins on Base versus Ethereum, prepare for explosive discussions on investment drivers, memecoin trajectories, and the future of this fascinating crypto niche. 

DEX Pro Demo & Quiz with Big Rewards!

Learn about Bybit’s cutting-edge DEX Pro platform through an insightful walkthrough. Plus, test your memecoin knowledge and win up to $5,000 in trending memecoins on Base by participating in our interactive quiz during the live stream! Don’t miss out – the voting window is open now until May 31, 2024, at 11:59 PM UTC.

Bybit: Your Gateway to the Memecoin Conversation

This live stream is your chance to delve into the fascinating world of memecoins and gain valuable insights from industry leaders. Don’t be left on the sidelines – tune in and join the conversation:

Memecoin Mania Boils Over! Join Bybit Web3's Live Stream Debate: Fad or Future?

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Bybit is one of the world’s top three crypto exchanges by trading volume with 30 million users. Established in 2018, it offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.

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