KuCoin Ventures Announces Strategic Investment in FantaGoal to Revolutionize the Web3 Gaming Experience

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VICTORIA, Seychelles, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, has announced a strategic investment in FantaGoal, an eagerly anticipated Web3 game for this summer. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Web3 gaming market, emphasizing the strategic partnership between KuCoin Ventures and FantaGoal.

FantaGoal is poised to capture the attention of football fans worldwide by integrating elements of the Euro Cup, Copa America, Fantasy sports, and AI, delivering the most exhilarating football gaming experience. With the aim of building the world’s largest football ecosystem, FantaGoal has secured partnerships with many football stars as well as numerous football clubs and large football communities. Leveraging its innovative one-stop custody wallet solution, FantaGoal enables Web2 football fans to seamlessly transition into Web3 gaming.

The strategic partnership between KuCoin Ventures and FantaGoal is expected to unlock new opportunities for both parties. By leveraging KuCoin Ventures’ industry insights, FantaGoal is set to achieve substantial growth. Conversely, FantaGoal’s innovative gaming solutions will diversify the services offered by KuCoin Ventures. Key highlights of the partnership include enhanced user engagement for FantaGoal, advancements in seamless user integration from Web2 to Web3, and innovations in game economics and ecosystem design.

“KuCoin Ventures is thrilled to partner with FantaGoal, a platform that shares our vision for an open and accessible financial future. This investment is not just financial; it’s a strategic move to integrate FantaGoal’s innovative gaming solutions into our ecosystem” said Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin.

KuCoin Ventures has been actively seeking out and investing in promising blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that align with its vision of a decentralized and inclusive financial ecosystem. The investment in FantaGoal is a testament to KuCoin Venture’s commitment to supporting projects that bring transformative solutions to the market.


KuCoin Ventures aims to invest in the most disruptive crypto and blockchain projects of the Web 3.0 era. As a community-friendly and research-driven investor, KuCoin Ventures works closely with portfolio projects throughout the entire life cycle, focusing on DeFi, GameFi, and other Web3.0 infrastructures.

ABOUT FantaGoal 

FantaGoal is a groundbreaking Web3 game designed to provide an exciting football gaming experience by blending elements of the Euro Cup, Copa America, Fantasy sports, and AI. It aims to create the world’s largest football ecosystem and has partnered with renowned football stars and clubs. Utilizing an innovative one-stop custody wallet technology, FantaGoal makes it easier for Web2 fans to transition to Web3 gaming. The game boasts a unique economic model that stands out in the new wave of GameFi products. KuCoin Ventures Announces Strategic Investment in FantaGoal to Revolutionize the Web3 Gaming Experience.

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