GW Instek Launches AC/DC Power Supply Series: ASR-6000

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The new ASR-6000 series delivers unmatched power density and flexibility for AI server and data center applications.

TAIPEI, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading provider of customized, integrated test solutions, GW Instek today introduced the ASR-6000 Series High-Performance AC/DC Power Source, a ground-breaking series engineered to address the escalating power demands of artificial intelligence servers and data centers. This launch reaffirms the company’s commitment to pioneering innovative electronic measurement technologies.

Built to meet the rigorous demands of AI servers and data center applications, the ASR-6000 series comprises the ASR-6450 and ASR-6600 models. The ASR-6000 model delivers up to 18kW of power output, adeptly meeting the stringent requirements of contemporary AI and GPU server racks, which consume between 50-60kW per rack. It equips industries to proactively manage the escalating challenges associated with energy demands and technological advancements. This system is crafted to enhance our clients’ ability to efficiently test and manage power supplies in the most challenging environments.

Leading Features of the ASR-6000 Series:

  • AC single/three-phase input and output capabilities combined with programmable scenarios to mimic various power conditions.
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple devices made possible by the multi-channel output function, simplifying server rack power supply testing.
  • Silicon carbide (SiC) technology integration to increase power efficiency and reduce energy losses.
  • Remote operation made possible by a web-based control interface without the need for additional software, increasing user accessibility and convenience.

Tony Chuang, GW Instek Director of the Power R&D Business Unit, stated, “The primary advantage of the ASR-6000 series lies in its utilization of cutting-edge third-generation silicon carbide technology. This innovation has enabled the realization of high power density within a compact 4U design. Furthermore, it features enhanced web control capabilities, multi-channel output, and a variety of communication interfaces. These attributes collectively ensure that GW Instek’s power products are designed with the adaptability to be compatible across all testing scenarios.”

The ASR-6000 is well-suited for critical power applications, including but not limited to uninterruptible power systems, AC inverters, and server and communication power supplies.

With power-hungry AI workloads driving a surge in data center power consumption, the ASR-6000 series offers a future-proof solution designed for the rigorous testing and validation of robust, energy-efficient power systems. It is expertly tailored to meet the burgeoning needs for adaptable and resilient energy solutions, crucial in today’s automated and energy-conscious market landscape.

To learn more about the ASR-6000 series or to schedule a demonstration, please contact: [email protected]

About GW Instek

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd (GW Instek) started as Taiwan’s first professional manufacturer specializing in electrical test & measurement instruments, initially producing power supplies before expanding into a broad array of high-precision instruments including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, digital multi-meters and safety testing systems. Now a significant player in the global market, GW Instek boasts a diverse product range with over 300 items, serving more than 80 countries from its headquarters in Taipei and subsidiaries across continents including China, America, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, and India. Renowned for its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, GW Instek has received numerous national awards and was ISO 9002 accredited in 1993, reflecting its integrity and creative approach to electronic testing and measurement solutions. This longstanding focus on excellence ensures GW Instek remains a trusted name in the educational and industrial sectors, continually enhancing its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to meet the evolving needs of its global clientele.

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