Cumulative shipments of 210mm modules surpass 260GW, with seven of the top 10 module makers producing 210mm n-type modules

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CHANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —  According to TrendForce, by the first quarter of this year cumulative shipments of 210mm modules (including 210R) had surpassed 260GW. It is clear that the 210mm n-type modules are emerging as the predominant choice in the market, with seven of the top 10 module makers producing 210mm n-type modules

TrendForce says that by the end of this year the expansion of production capacity for large-format wafers will continue to accelerate, with capacity projected to reach 1,174GW, accounting for nearly 99% market share, dominating the market. Notably, the production capacity for 210mm (including 210R) wafers has reached 457GW, accounting for 38.46% of the total.

Rectangular wafers, initiated by Trinasolar in 2022, have become a key innovation for companies aiming to improve module efficiency. Market penetration of 210R rectangular wafers is expected to accelerate from the second half of 2024.

According to TrendForce, the share of production capacity for large-format cells will approach 99% by this year, with large-format cell production capacity reaching 1,549GW. Within this, the overall production capacity for 210mm cells will be 1,296GW, representing market share of 82.66%.

TrendForce forecasts that the production capacity for n-type cells will reach about 1,078GW, or 68.8%, by the end of this year. Of this, the production capacity for TOPCon cells will be about 909GW, accounting for 58% of the n-type cell market. TrendForce forecasts that the global market share of n-type modules will rise markedly, from 26.22% last year to 68.93% this year.

Production capacity for large-format modules will reach 1,365GW this year, with market share of 96.7%, said TrendForce. Specifically, production capacity for 210mm modules will be 1,105GW, accounting for 78.3%. In terms of shipments, large-format modules are expected to accelerate, accounting for over 85% of the market. By the first quarter of this year cumulative shipments of 210mm (including 210R) modules have exceeded 260GW.

Seven of the top 10 companies are producing 210mm n-type modules, stepping up to achieve power exceeding 700W. Among them, Trinasolar was the first to mass produce TOPCon modules over 700W and initiated the 700W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance to drive this advance. Trinasolar announced that cumulative shipments of 210mm modules surpassed 120GW by the first quarter of 2024, maintaining its position as global leader.

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