Crown Laboratories, Inc. and BIOJUVE® Celebrate World Microbiome Day 2024

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Embracing the Power of the Skin Microbiome with BIOJUVE

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Microbiome research has revolutionized our understanding of human health, highlighting the vital role our body’s microbiome plays in maintaining overall well-being. In honor of World Microbiome Day, Crown Laboratories, Inc. (“Crown”) and BIOJUVE® reaffirm their dedication to pioneering skin biome care solutions and encouraging consumers to embrace their microbiome as an essential part of the overall skin biome. BIOJUVE is distributed by Crown Aesthetics, a division of Crown.

Crown Laboratories

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Genetics, stress, environmental factors, age, pathogens and more can create an imbalance in the skin’s natural microbiome, but consumers can help restore balance with BIOJUVE. The skin, our largest organ, harbors a diverse community of microorganisms that form the skin microbiome. These microorganisms play crucial roles in protecting against pathogens, regulating immune responses, and influencing skin conditions such as acne and eczema. As a true skin probiotic, BIOJUVE works to restore balance within the skin microbiome and help defy the visible signs of aging using skin probiotics. The patented Xycrobe Technology within BIOJUVE goes beyond the skin’s surface to balance the skin’s microbiome, while naturally producing antioxidants, proteins, polypeptides, fatty acids and more, around the clock, to optimize skin health and vitality. BIOJUVE uses the power of probiotics to truly bring your skin back to life. The effects are unlike other traditional skincare routines, revitalizing and optimizing the ideal ecosystem for skin health with clinically proven results for healthier, younger-looking skin.

BIOJUVE represents a paradigm shift in skin science, leveraging innovative technologies developed by leading experts in the field and is supported by board-certified dermatologists and aesthetic professionals around the globe such as Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, Board Certified Dermatologist of Houston, TX, Dr. Doris Day, Board Certified Dermatologist in New York City, and Dr. Sophie Shotter, award-winning Aesthetic Doctor in London, UK. BIOJUVE utilizes its patented skin probiotic technology to deliver continuous benefits to the skin and represents the forefront of skin biome care advancements. The brand has expanded its groundbreaking science to consumers in 27 countries, with more quickly following.

“We are thrilled to celebrate World Microbiome Day by highlighting the transformative impact of the BIOJUVE philosophy on skin biome health,” said Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Crown. “BIOJUVE is dedicated to advancing dermatology through scientific innovation that respects and enhances the skin’s natural microbiome. As we celebrate World Microbiome Day, we encourage everyone to embrace a topical routine that nurtures the skin microbiome to optimize the skin biome and therefore overall skin health.”

BIOJUVE’s formulations do not include harsh chemicals or synthetic additives, ensuring that beneficial skin microbes are preserved while effectively addressing specific skin concerns. By promoting a microbiome-friendly lifestyle, Crown encourages consumers to make informed choices that support skin health to ensure the skin’s microbiome is always in balance.

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