Com2uS Platform Sponsors ‘IGDC Dev Day 2024’, Establishes Foothold for Indian Market Entry

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Com2uS Platform Delivers Seminars in Three Key Indian Cities

Strategic Moves for Indian Market Entry and Strengthening Community Collaboration

SEOUL, South Korea, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Com2uS Platform, a subsidiary of the South Korean game company Com2uS Holdings, has announced its strategic foothold for its local entry through participation in the India Game Developers Conference (IGDC) Dev Day 2024.

Jongmoon Kim, Executive at Com2uS Platform, delivering a presentation to local gaming stakeholders at IGDC 2024 in India

Com2uS Platform participated as a gold sponsor in IGDC Dev Day 2024. From May 8 to 14, they engaged with local gaming stakeholders in key cities including Bengaluru—often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley—Delhi, and Pune, exploring market entry into India.

During the conference, Com2uS Platform’s executives Jongmoon Kim and Seonho Shin, delivered seminars to local game developers, publishers, and investors. They highlighted the advanced capabilities of their Game Backend as a Service (GBaaS), ‘Hive’, emphasizing its adaptability and global optimization for gaming services.

Leveraging its participation in the recent IGDC Dev Day 2024, Com2uS Platform plans to expand its foothold in the Indian gaming market. Known as an emerging market with significant growth potential, India is characterized by its rapidly increasing smartphone usage and a high percentage of young population. This strategic move aims to solidify the presence of ‘Hive’, Com2uS Platform’s Game Backend as a Service (GBaaS), in the global gaming landscape and to explore new business avenues in South Asia, including India.

Jongmoon Kim, Executive at Com2uS Platform, stated, “India is increasingly being recognized as a core gaming market, equipped with fast-developing digital infrastructure and a large youthful population. We are poised to establish Hive as a trusted partner by leveraging its capabilities, including support for 16 major languages and tailored responses to country-specific market policies. These features are specifically tailored to meet the challenges of global expansion.”

Com2uS Platform is an IT company leading the paradigm of the future content industry. It has established and is servicing advanced infrastructures targeted at the global market, including ‘Hive’—which integrates Com2uS Group’s gaming service expertise—and the NFT marketplace ‘X-PLANET’.


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