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MA (Future)

Marketing Automation: Peering into the Future

At its foundation, marketing automation consists of internal notifications and generalized drip campaigns. Over the years, however, it’s evolved to become much more. Today, the goal hovers

  • Dec 04 - 3 min read
Email Marketing

Innovating Email Marketing: Making it Customer-Centric

With the evolution of social media and targeted advertising, the state of email marketing appeared set towards extinction. But if recent trends are anything to go by,

  • Dec 03 - 2 min read
Content Marketing (Digital Age)

“New-Age Content Marketing: The Digital Era”

Digital transformation is the buzzword producing a paradigm shift in the way brands operate, consumers behave, and to a significant degree in the way we conceive marketing. It’s not about

  • Dec 02 - 2 min read
VR Marketing

Experiential Marketing with VR: The Big Opportunity

Technology empowers consumers; the more it pushes past the gates of innovation, the more sophisticated we become. This sophistication breeds high expectations, in the form of something engaging, perhaps interactive, but

  • Dec 01 - 3 min read

CX Chronicles: Modernism’s Business Casual

Sales is a process built on burnt promises; it’s what makes it tough. Think about the first time you may have tried to sell something, as a

  • Dec 05 - 2 min read