Experiential Marketing with VR: The Big Opportunity

VR Marketing

Technology empowers consumers; the more it pushes past the gates of innovation, the more sophisticated we become. This sophistication breeds high expectations, in the form of something engaging, perhaps interactive, but most importantly – personal. Given the situation, marketers are now increasingly beginning to employ increased interactivity and heightened personalization into brand communications.

In turn, VR marketing has now become one of the most powerful marketing tools available in the business world today; some of the bigger world brands have already integrated the technology into their content strategies, for example. But, suffice to say, virtual reality marketing is the best, most futuristic way to establish and build relationships with your customers.

But before we jump aboard the virtual reality bandwagon, it’s important to understand how VR impacts the future of marketing.

Virtual Reality: Understanding the Technology

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are terms set to revolutionize the business world. Let’s pause for a moment to understand the differences between them:

  1. Virtual Reality: It usually covers the existence of another world or dimension, digital in its constitution. The experience usually involves placing the user in such a world.

  2. Augmented Reality: This involves placing content or information in the real world via use of a device; the camera in a smartphone, for example. Pokémon Go is perhaps the easiest example to explaining this term.

  3. Mixed Reality: When real and digital content combine to create meaningful experiences; for instance, multiple videos layered on top of the other.

In totality, VR technologies enable greater emotional intensity, adding several layers to customer experience as a concept. Over the years, due to improvements and a reduction in production costs, virtual reality stands as a more readily available form of communication for storytellers and marketers.

What is VR Marketing?

Virtual reality is about immersion, another popular buzzword for marketers worldwide. With several companies building products around virtual reality, it popularizes as a medium with the potential for explosive growth. Think about it in this manner, virtual reality offers a form of immersion far greater than traditional media, a form of immersion with great emotional intensity. Simply put, it’s a medium for interactive and engaging storytelling.

An iconic example is with The New York Times – the company launched a virtual storytelling campaign delivered via use of Google Cardboard glasses. The campaign reached out to their subscribers with a VR film; the experience offered something fresh, something that reinforced brand loyalty even. What the publication did was offer its readers the ability to experience a story rather than read it.

Why Pay Attention to the Hype?

This form of marketing, virtual reality that is, enables brand owners to place their brand vision closer to the eyes of their customers. It offers value through new business models and delivers an immersive and unique experience to the users involved.

Here are some recent statistics that attest to the growth of VR, and why we must pay attention to it:

  • By 2024, the VR market is expected to become worth $44.7 billion

  • The estimated number of VR users in 2018 borders around 171 million, a huge uptick from the mere 200,000 in 2014

  • Consumers are more engaged, roughly 62%, with brands that sponsor VR experiences

  • 71% of consumers identify with a brand that uses VR as forward-thinking

Engagement increases in direct proportion to a tangible experience, and virtual reality offers said experience. It’s why innovative brands find themselves in a rush to both leverage and incorporate this technology into their marketing strategies.

Marriott Hotels used it to offer their visitors an opportunity to fly out and experience a holiday destination in one of their hotels. The North Face offered shoppers an opportunity to hike through the famous Yosemite National Park. With a visual experience, it’s easy for customers to filter through and choose a brand they feel more engaged with for a purchase. That said, are you ready to tinker and play with something similar?


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