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Datapine: Modern Business Intelligence Platform  

As a data analytics software founded in 2012, Datapine seeks to simplify the complex process of data analysis using innovative technologies. It offers intuitive data integr...

Apache Spark: An Open-Source Data Analytics Tool  

Companies around the world face a challenge in managing Big Data. Two factors drive the challenge of working with Big Data: the massive amount of data and the frequency wit...

Airtable: Powerful Data Analytics Platform  

As far as data analytics tools are concerned, Airtable occupies a very high position in the market. Founded on the principle that you should dictate how software should per...

ClicData: Advance Predictive Analytics Software  

As a data analytics professional, your job entails extracting data from multiple databases and managing it in a structured manner, among other aspects.

Sigma Data Systems: Big Data Analytics & BI Consulting 

One of the pioneers of data analytics, Sigma Data Systems, has collected data, transformed it for analysis, run computational algorithms to provide critical analytical resu...