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ThoughtSpot: A Data Visualization Tool for Businesses 

ThoughSpot aims to make the world of data analysis accessible to all users by offering modern data analytics services to achieve this. A wide range of benefits to clients i...

SAS: Business Intelligence Tool

A business's success or failure depends on how well its executives and managers understand the business' core and implement their strategies. In addition to facilitating an...

Tableau: The World’s Leading Analytics Platform

Founded in 2003 by Chris Stolte, Pat Hanrahan, and Christian Chabot to make data accessible to everyone, Tableau has grown into a global data analytics tool.  

SQL: An Efficient Data Analytics Software  

Most companies today are moving towards being data-driven to make better decisions. This data is stored in a database, managed, and processed by an application or system kn...

Microsoft Power BI: Data Analytics Tools and Reporting Software  

A cloud-based analytics service from Microsoft, called Microsoft Power BI, provides quick insights into your data and lets you visualize it quickly. A complete view of your...